Treatment of the boil with onions

To boil ripe, and the pus quickly stretched out, it is recommended to use the following method. Take medium onions, peel and put into a preheated oven. Baked thus an onion cut in half, attach the cut side to the center of the boil (note that the onion should be warm) and fix it with bandage or plaster. Every four hours to change an onion compress on the fresh, you can gradually increase the temperature of the bulb by heating. The onions will begin to draw out the pus, after a couple days the abscess begins to heal.
In any case, do not open independently of the boils, do not massage them and apply pressure. So the pus can spread to the tissues and cause blood poisoning.

To accelerate the ripening of the boil, peel the onion and grate. Apply fresh pulp to the affected area. You can use another popular way to do this, bake it in the oven the onion, mash and mix with the same amount of grated vegetable or baby soap. The resulting pellet apply it on the boil, every five hours, change the compress.
Instead of onions you can use roasted garlic, which also helps to cope with purulent abscesses.

Herbal lotions from boils

To get rid of the festering boil will help herbal compress, which is so easy to prepare at home. Herbs can be bought in almost every pharmacy. Mix ten grams of the herb stinging nettle, oak bark, deaf nettle and grass water pepper. Add fifteen grams of white boughs of mistletoe. Mix collection and pour a liter of boiling water. Better to insist in a thermos within one and a half hours. Use the received funds in the form of lotions or compresses.
Copes with abscesses on the skin and all kinds of wounds, turpentine and pine resin. They should be applied to the affected area on the skin.

Sorrel in the fight against boils

In a few days to cure the boils by using the following folk method. You'll need fresh leaves of sorrel, chop them to a pulp. Apply it on a folded several times cut the bandage and apply it to sores, wounds or boils, secure with plaster. Change the compress every three hours. In a short time from the boil will not be over, as sorrel has a healing property.