Abscess or abscess – purulent bacterial skin infection. The causative agent is most frequently Staphylococcus aureus, which can penetrate into tissue and internal organs of a sick person through the entrance gate purulent focus.
If you have appeared on the skin painful red swelling with the formation in the centre of the purulent content, in any case do not touch the wound, do not apply pressure and do not massage it. Until the abscess burst, it must be treated regularly here in this warm water solution in one glass of boiled water add 1 tablespoon salt, same of soda, and 10 drops of iodine. This composition contributes to skin softening and stretching of pus out.
After the abscess breaks, the remnants of the pus should be gently squeeze with clean hands and to treat the resulting wound with a solution of boric acid or potassium permanganate. Continue to exert a warming poultice, prepared according to the above recipe – it will help to pull the remnants of pus. You can use anti-bacterial ointment, for example, "Neosporin". This drug is capable to destroy pathogenic micro-organisms and disinfect the wound.
Be sure to follow your condition during treatment of abscess. If the measures do not bring relief, and the abscess continues to increase in size, don't wait, contact your doctor. You may need surgery treatment abscess steroids that reduce inflammation and swelling.
The most dangerous are multiple abscesses, especially if the place of their localization is the head. In this case the infection can easily penetrate into the brain. Recurring abscesses can only be treated in the clinic with antibiotics. Great efficiency and have the popular treatment for boils. Take pine pitch resin, apply it on a bandage and apply to the affected area. After a few hours the swelling goes down, pain will decrease and will gradually and inflammation.
Well help lotions of tincture of Sophora japonica. You can buy in the drugstore, but you can prepare at home. If you have an abscess broke, and you treated the wound with warm soda solution with salt and iodine, put on her honey cake. Mix honey and flour to make a fairly dense cake and will fix it on the spot of inflammation. 9-12 hours after change and to make a full recovery.
To speed up the ripening of the boil, you can use this recipe: bake it in the oven one onion and grind it with a small piece of children's soap. The resulting composition applied to the abscess as often as possible. The same effect has and pulp grated beets. And, you can try to moisten the surface of the ulcer aloe juice.