The main cause of paralysis is stroke, in the development of stroke, trauma to the spinal cord and brain, neoplasm, compressing the cerebral vessels, inherited vascular anomalies of the brain. So, how to cure paralysis? This requires the following:At break of the nerve plexus, as a result of injury, need for surgical stapling nerve fibers in the area of the gap.
In the presence of tumor, conduct prompt excision of tumors within healthy tissue, provided that operability of the tumor and concomitant pre - and postoperative radiation therapy. When large amounts of benign tumor or malignant neoplasm, is carried out a partial removal of the tumor, to improve the quality of life or prescribe chemotherapy.
In case of violation of cerebral circulation as a result of development of a stroke or other vascular disorders prescribed medication: drugs that improve cerebral blood flow (piracetam, Cerebrolysin);
drugs that enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain (galantamine, ghb);
- drugs that restore the nerve sheath and stimulating the nerve carrying fibers (b vitamins, Neostigmine, Galanta);
- therapeutic physical training and massage, in order to develop atrophic processes in the muscles, lack of movement.
- electrotherapy, in the form of destination), furnizarii to improve and restore nerve impulses.
- acupuncture, which consists in stimulation of certain areas of the brain, to restore nerve conduction fibers.
- balneological treatment, application of mud, hydrogen sulfide baths.