You will need
  • - hot compress;
  • - preparations based on Ginkgo biloba;
  • - bioflavonoids.
If you from time to time experience numbness of the feet, the first thing you should do is to consult a specialist. Find out if you suffer diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or other serious illness, the consequence of which is often numbness of the limbs. If you were prescribed any medications, please note whether your problem is the result of their application, if so, the doctor will prescribe you other medications or other treatment. Remember also, if you received a recent trauma to the head, neck or spine. Such injuries also require special treatment.
If the doctor does not reveal you have a serious disease, you can try to fight the numbness by yourself, but only after consulting with your doctor about treatment. There are a large number of home remedies and procedures. For example, numbness is often the result of poor circulation, so try to keep a good physical activity. Often exercise, take a walk or jog, visit the gym. Constant movement is beneficial to the heart, which positively affects blood flow to the extremities. However, remember that the cause of the numbness can be certain exercises. Try to saturate your diet with fruits and vegetables. Avoid consumption of too spicy food and refrain from alcohol. Drink more water to prevent dehydration.
To get rid of leg numbness, you can try to relax your muscles and nerves. You can use the hot compress. Type water in the bottle, the bottle or any other container and apply to numb the area of feet. During the procedure, constantly make massage. The numbness usually goes through 5 – 10 minutes. You can also use a towel soaked in hot water, just be careful that the water wasn't too hot, otherwise you risk to burn.
Improve the blood circulation of legs and to get rid of the numbness, you can use Ginkgo biloba. This is the only known medicinal plant which contains substances that have a vasodilating effect and prevents the adhesion of platelets to each other, which helps to improve blood circulation. There are a large number of preparations made on its basis ("Bilobil", "Wincom", "Ginos", etc.). Always consult a doctor before taking them.
Leg numbness can be the result of a disruption in the level of potassium, sodium and calcium in the body. A lack of vitamin B12 often leads to the numbness. To fill all these substances you can use bioflavonoids. These chemical compounds can be obtained from some foods (vegetables and fruits) or in dietary supplements. Bioflavonoids also help to improve blood circulation.