Subscribers of the company "MegaFon" are free to change your current tariff if you use the online self-service system called Service Guide. After login, select "Change rate" on the tab "Rates and services". In the list, click on a suitable plan and confirm your choice. Users also can at any time visit the office or contact the customer service of "MegaFon". Staff will help you to choose and activate the new tariff. However, the new plan will take effect only from the first day of the following month.
The operator "MTS" provides its clients with "Mobile Assistant" and "Internet Assistant". In order to log in a second system, you will need to activate it by calling the toll free number 0870261. To change the tariff, callers may also visit the service center or salon communication "MTS".
In the "Beeline" there is a management system that enables you to monitor services, to order a detailed account, block the SIM card and most importantly – to change the rate and get about all the necessary information. This system is located at the address
In order to log into the system, you will need a personal login and a temporary password. You can get them by sending a mobile phone USSD-request *110*9#. By the way, your username will be your phone number, are presented in ten-digit format. The received password is recommended only for the first login, so change it to permanent, which must contain 6-10 characters.
The operator "Beeline" is no exception, providing its customers with the ability to go to any salon of communication of the company or in the customer care office. The employee will always be ready to help you solve the problems and answer all your questions. By the way, in the latter case you will need to bring your passport and the contract on rendering of communication services.