Acquainted with the tariffs for local communication services on the official website of SSA. Select the rate. Remember that you can change the rate not more often than once a month, at least 10 days before the next month which will consider the specifics of the calculations of the new tariff plan. MGTS offers three tariff plans for home phones – time-based (you pay as much as said), unlimited (for a certain amount you make unlimited local calls) and combined (you pay a monthly fee if your limit is exhausted, you will need to pay extra).
Find the Center of communication services, MGTS. A full list of these centers with addresses posted on the official website, click on the center, you will see which phone numbers it serves. For convenience on this page is a map of Moscow with the image addresses of the service centers.
Visit the center of communication services, MGTS, which is tied to your home phone number. All offices are equipped with devices of electronic queue, get your number. The electronic scoreboard will tell you what the receiving window to approach. While waiting, note the information desks, which are equipped with hall, and the forms necessary statements. If you wish, you can complete the application yourself.
Wait your turn, explain to the specialist MGTS that you want to move to another tariff plan, grant him a passport and completed application. The specialist will produce a change of tariff plan. Remember that if you contacted the service Center in less than 10 days before the end of the month, the rate will not change next month, and after one. Service switching to another tariff plan is available for free.
Find out the name of the operator of local telephone connection, if you live not in Moscow. Carefully review the bill for home phone, there will be given the coordinates of the companies who provide these services, for example, in Perm Krai, Kurgan and Tyumen regions is Rostelecom-Utel. Please contact the office of customer service (the address can be found on the official website of your operator) with a written statement of intent to change the tariff. Be sure to give the employee your passport.