DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the hereditary material in humans and almost all living organisms. Almost every cell in our body has the same DNA molecule in which is encoded all information about it.

DNA analysis allows to identify any type of organism, and also to solve the question of belonging to a certain type.

In those cases where it is necessary to identify a person, then usually analyze 13 regions (loci) of the human genome. There are areas that are absolutely identical in all people, regardless of skin color and nationality, and is unique. So if was used to analyze only a few areas, the result would be incorrect. But if you compare two people, watching at least 13 areas, the results are so accurate that they are sometimes called the fingerprints of DNA. In other words, DNA is comparable with fingerprints, which are considered one of the most reliable biometric features used for identification.

Since DNA analysis is very accurate, it is widely used worldwide, particularly, in criminalistics, in the case that you need to find out whether a suspect is the person a criminal, or when you need to identify the victim, if by other means it can be done.

Genetic screening is necessary when there is a suspicion that the child may be born with hereditary diseases.

And this is the only reliable method by which to establish family ties, in particular, fatherhood or motherhood. The use of 16 loci in this case guarantee the accuracy of 99.9999%

In order to perform the analysis, enough hair, tooth, drop of blood or skin cells.

How much for genetic analysis of paternity?

If you got the need to make such examination, one of the important issues will be the cost of the study. So, how much it costs to make such examination?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, because the price depends on many factors: how many loci is taken for the study, timing, test material, and even then, what a child.

In Moscow clinics prices start from 12 thousand rubles. Establishing paternity during pregnancy will cost from 40 thousand rubles. The standard period of study is seven working days. If the result is needed urgently, this problem is solved with the clinic, which will carry out the analysis.