What is material-technical base

In the language of economists, material-technical base of the enterprise is element of the productive forces on the basis of which between the subjects of the production process to fold the relations of production. In fact, it is the complex of the means of production, material and physical elements required to support the activities of the enterprise.

The logistical base has a natural and cost structure. That part of it which has a natural expression, depending on the activity, may include tools and objects of labor: tools, machinery and equipment, production buildings and auxiliary buildings, perennial plantations, raw materials, building materials, seed stock, working and productive cattle, feed, etc., Value may vary depending on the degree of wear and tear. The elements of logistics are arranged with regard to their use in a particular technological process.

The concept of the material-technical base takes into account not only the presence and composition of components and their condition: specifications and suitability of premises, age of machinery, tools and equipment, according to available material resources to the production cycle used at the plant.

The composition of the material-technical base

As has been said, it depends on the type of activity of the enterprise. For example, for companies engaged in the hotel business, the composition of the material and technical base includes:
all existing buildings and construction of administrative, industrial, economic, technical and auxiliary facilities;
- engineering, including Sewerage, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning; lifts and hoists; radio and TV systems telephone and alarm systems, fire fighting;
- infrastructure of the hotel industry located in its territory: sidewalks, driveways, flower beds, perennial plantings, playgrounds for children, as well as swimming pools, fountains, piers, etc.

If the company is engaged in agricultural production, its material and technical base will consist of logistical resources and equipment, machines and mechanisms. To material resources may include: feed, seed, animal fattening, fuel and lubricants, etc.