What DNA test

It is no secret that the unique characteristics of a person are transmitted at conception. While half the genes he inherits from his mother, and the other half from the father. Currently, the definition of kinship is an actual problem without much hassle solve modern genetics. A DNA test to establish paternity - a rather simple and painless procedure, based on high-precision analysis of the genetic information of the mother, child and alleged father. After providing samples of excreted DNA profile, which is compared on the subject of identical genetic markers.

What you need to perform the analysis

To obtain enough genetic material with a cotton swab to swab oral cavity, including the inner side of the cheeks, lips and the lower surface of the tongue. It is also possible to study non-standard samples of hair, nails, cigarette butts, chewing gum. All material for analysis must be sterile. You can get them in one of the laboratories where such tests.

The probability of paternity is 99% or more by decoding the analysis means that the alleged father may be the biological father of the child. The test is normally conducted by two teams, then the result is verified. Very often, the results of the DNA test required for presentation in court. Validity of an examination will be provided only if the lab conducting the analysis, the expert had the appropriate licenses.

How long is and how much is DNA test

Depending on the urgency of the order, the period of performance of genetic examination is 15 (Express-analysis) up to 30 working days. The analysis can be performed in two variants - DNA (official study) and private DNA test (anonymous).

By using the latest technology for 16 genetic markers, the analysis is performed with high precision. The price analysis is relatively low and depends on number of participants. For example, a survey of one alleged father and one child will be 4800-5000 rubles, two alleged father and one child – about 9000 rubles. A more accurate result with a probability of paternity of 99.9999 percent is achieved in the study of 25 markers, in this case, the cost analysis will be higher than 5000 rubles.

A DNA paternity test can be done in 50 laboratories of Russia, guaranteeing complete privacy.