What a person dreams rat

If in your dream you saw the rat, most likely, nothing good your dream portends. Dream books interpret this image differently. This dream can become a harbinger of any mental or physical injuries. Rat - a common symbol of the enemy. If the rat had you in front of some very important event which can have a significant impact on your career or personal life, it is better to postpone or move the event for some time.
The man you had hoped, can fail at the most crucial moment.

Especially a dream about the rat adverse to influential people and entrepreneurs. If in a dream, this beast is brazenly running around your apartment, in reality it is a harbinger of the betrayal by one close enough.
Perhaps not without a quarrel with a friend or friend.

You hear rustling but don't see a rat, such a dream promises the threat. Perhaps it is not very clear, but you are all the same anyway feel the approach of trouble. White rat dream to meet the man (probably women), which seems nice. However, this dream speaks of the deceptiveness of appearance. Be careful with new acquaintances.

If you dream you have won or caught a rat, then in reality you will cope with the enemies, cowardly and low people who wish to harm your reputation. Dream people with rat tails – the harbingers of disease. The cat who kills the rat, indicates that a friendly friend will help you to defeat the enemy. However, there is another interpretation – two of the enemy, which will join the battle and one will be defeated.

What you tell the psychologist about a dream about a rat

A rat can symbolize your aversion to other people. You feel hypocritical, unfriendly, hostility against oneself. A rat can symbolize the enemy, which you already know or suspect. The enemy in this case is a man not above your station in society. This is probably a competitor on the personal front or duplicitous officer. In any case, you feel danger and threat from an enemy.

A dream in which you see a rat, could mean a subconscious fear of loneliness or loss of loved ones. Such a dream can symbolize a fear in General. If the rats in my sleep a lot, and they surrounded you, you feel trapped, surrounded by people who want to do harm. This dream may be caused by troubles at work, troubles in personal life or stress.