What a dream cleaning?

If you suddenly had cleaning the house or putting things in order in any public places, the reality of a dreamer you should try to dot the "I". The fact that in real life he had accumulated a lot of any problems and issues requiring immediate resolution. If you do not pay any attention to it, then the future of the dreamer may become unbearable. If the owner of dreams pleased with the result of the cleaning, which he started in his dream, then in reality he will be able to cope with the accumulated problems without any problems.

Many commentators believe that to do cleaning in my own house, so to restore order in their own Affairs, and clean up in a strange room – to stick your nose where no one asks! Clean the work – to carry out a large volume of those or other problems, an increased load, etc. Important point: if in the dream to clean up your seat voluntarily, this is evidence of the desire for promotion. If to clean that makes the head, the reality will have to perform someone else's work.

What dreams washing floors?

Gustav Miller characterizes the dream as a negative. According to him, to wash the floors in the sleep – trouble in reality, and to do this in someone else's house lead to separation or even death. According to the Slavic dream, mopping symbolizes the arrival of unexpected guests. Glad that these guests carry a positive interpretation.

If you look into dream interpretation meneghetti, it becomes clear that the dream wash bathroom floors in General will lead to Masturbation or blank erotic fantasies. According to this dream interpretation, if in the kitchen, where the dreamer is engaged in the cleaning of floors, there is a lot of knives, the reality is not excluded aggression on the part of anyone.

Some dream books call details to remember the inventory, which was used for cleaning. For example, to wash the floor with a wooden broom to restore order among the chaos of thoughts in his own head. Wipe dust with a dry cloth – to anyone's tips in reality, and to do it with a damp cloth – to any social conflict.

Often people have dreams in which they are carefully and aggressively MOP the floors, but those are still dirty and dusty. Such dreams indicate the futility of efforts on the part of a sleeping person. It is curious that on a subconscious level he understands that, but still can not achieve your goals. His brain, in turn, projects these feelings on dreams about constantly dirty floors.