What a dream fight with someone you love? General interpretation

Many dream books have to say about these paintings is the opposite: the coming tryst. In particular, the Austrian psychologist, Sigmund Freud did not exclude the possibility of coitus when in reality the first date after such a dream. Evgeny Tsvetkov interprets such a dream as the loss of something very important in the life of the dreamer. Ukrainian dream book generally portends big trouble that, in fact, is not surprising.

According to modern dream interpretation, quarrel with a loved ones dream of at the moment of the reality of some strong and friendly relations, as well as in obtaining high status in a particular society. The French dream is also positively interprets the quarrel of two lovers in the near future there will be good news. It is not excluded receive valuable gifts from the hands of respected people. Unfortunately, women's dream speaks of such dreams as impending misfortunes, and the grandiose scandals.

What dreams quarrel with your darling? The book of dreams Longo

If such dreams I see young girls, they should beware: in reality coming long period of constant problems and failures. The black strip will come by itself, so myself and leave. The girls can only wait. Married women are dreams of the promise of family discord, turmoil or even divorce! In the first and in the second cases it will be preceded by a prolonged affair.

What are psychologists?

Experts say that any dream that had bright emotional colouring, of course, carries some information, it is extremely important to its owner. Psychologists do not recommend to ignore these dreams, but I do not advise to go on about dream books! According to them, you need to soberly analyze the situation, which in reality is a loved one.

The fact that the dream argument is not a prophecy. This may indicate a reflection of the current relationship between the dreamer and his other half. Most likely, such a relationship simply has ceased to hold the owner of sleep (and possibly both beloved) in reality.

If, for example, the situation is red-hot to the limit, the problems of love nature is long overdue, and about to explode "bomb", the human brain, of course, is in full combat readiness. A person thinks about love problems, worries, feels some discomfort both day and night. It is not surprising that the current situation results in unpleasant dreams.