What can you say about the guy?

Guys are conservatives and don't like sudden movements, defiant behavior and strange humor. Bluster and lies, arrogance and egocentrism is also unattractive. But the simplicity, accessibility, sincerity impressed and clear. So embellish yourself is not worth it, at the same time, its positive qualities can be unobtrusive and stress, and not fundamental flaws to remain silent. To know what to say, it is better to prepare in advance. To understand yourself, to examine your life and actions.

It is not necessary to burden the excessive candor and will certainly try to pin the familiarity of joint a secret. About your problems at work, in life or with health and other troubles too, try not to spread. Better to make that first impression a positive person with an easy life and not zatsiklivayas on failures.

It is not necessary to wash the bones of friends, especially ex-boyfriend, tell about your relationship, about how much do you have romantic affections. Ill-advised to begin the eternal gender debate: who is more important, smarter and more logical – men or women.

Try to find common interests and common ground. To develop this theme. Tell us about your plans for the future, try to dream together.

Share much hit you impressions, tell us about the travel, leisure and entertainment.

How to talk to the guy, telling him about yourself?

Telling boyfriend about yourself, speak confidently, calmly, without losing and without getting lost in facts and sentences. It is not necessary to retell all of his life, starting with infancy and attachment in kindergarten. Don't focus on the little things, remember the most vivid and funny stories.

Try to speak is contagious, not only to cause interest of the interlocutor, but also to awaken in him a desire to tell something personal on the subject. If you want to continue the relationship, do not try to talk at once and without reserve, engage, but leave a lot of mysteries and unsaid for the future. Allow your counterpart to insert cues and to reason in response. What more concerned him persona you will look, the more I can find out. Listen carefully, show their support and approval.

All these tips are seemingly obvious, but in practice difficult to realize, especially if the guy you liked... Be yourself and not lose your head.