Try to preplan response to the request to tell about yourself. Analyze yourself, your life and Hobbies. Highlight the most interesting moments, write them down on a sheet of paper and work out how you are going to tell. Remember this information not to get lost when he heard this question.
Try to speak confidently, without faltering and without getting tangled in phrases. The main thing - do not worry, because you are at the interview. Do not try to consistently retell episodes from his life, give them interest. Dilute the story funny true stories, jokes or interesting comments.
Tell us about your Hobbies, success in endeavors, perspectives and main interests. If you have common interests with the boys, let us know, and give this moment more time.
Try to talk not too long so as not to bore the listener. Do not tighten the story, don't stay too much on the details. Watch the reaction. In the mind of the listener, you will realize how interesting what you are telling. If he gets bored, tell us about other interests.
Do not invent information about yourself, try to speak honestly and openly. It can only slightly exaggerate, or be silent about some shortcomings, which have fundamental importance. But don't tell yourself the complete opposite information, hoping to learn the truth, he's not going anywhere.
Try to avoid stories about their problems. Not worth while meeting to talk about their illnesses, the unpleasant employee or failures at work. Try to impress the person with a nice life who's not trying at the first meeting to fill up their problems.
Not on the topic of past relationships and ex-partners. Do not tell details about the number of guys you met. Don't criticize and don't make rave reviews about them. If this issue is not up to date, it is better not to talk about previous relationships.