Some people face this problem, like swelling of upper or lower eyelids in the mornings or during the day. This is due to accumulation of fluid in the body or stretching of the tissues. Reasons for swelling of the lower eyelids may be several.

Causes of swelling of the lower eyelids

If the swelling of the lower eyelid you feel pain in this area, the reason for this can be either diseases of the eyes or various viral or infectious disease of the whole organism. It also causes accumulation of excess fluid in the lower eyelids can be attributed to a variety of allergies – food and drug.

These symptoms can be observed in diseases of individual internal organs, which are associated with the excretion of excess fluid – the urinary system and kidneys. While some heart diseases can also experience symptoms of swelling of the lower eyelids. Other causes of this disease can be attributed to the lack of sleep, long watching TV or computer, using any poor-quality cosmetics or exercise. More specific cause of a swollen lower eyelid can be found by referring to the experts.

How to get rid of puffy lower eyelids

If you find yourself puffy lower eyelids, and health-everything seems in order, in this case, you can apply a number of proven ways that can relieve you of this discomfort. You can rinse with a solution of warm tea or make in a few minutes the compress on the eyelids of disposable bags brewed from green tea. After drying, the leather can be applied to the area of the lower eyelids hydrocortisone ointment or lubricate the eyelids with castor oil.

Some experts suggest every morning, clean the eyelids with ice, it can be done from plain water and freezing the concoction of various herbs. Method can be also useful to fight against wrinkles in the eye area. The thin and sensitive skin is tempered, swelling and spider veins are.

Effective against edema of the lower lids lotions from the pulp of raw potatoes, this mask should be applied both on the eyelids and on the face as a whole.

Do not eat at night a lot of water or tea, kidney at night time too relaxing and not so hard to do their job. The result, as they say, "face".

Don't forget to undergo annual examination by experts, because in time of this disease can be cured, and running often become chronic.