The most innocuous cause of swollen eyelids is genetic, due to which the growth of fat around the eye, which in most cases is just a cosmetic defect. Observed children independently is not. One-time abuse of savoury leads to edema of the eyes during the day, but with constant repetition - are not only swollen eyes, it will be about the load on the kidneys and other problems.Most of the sunbathers notice that the sunburn is accompanied by edema of the eyelids, and this is a natural reaction of the body trying to protect the eye by accumulation of moisture in the tissues of the eyelids.Long prosizhivanie front of the monitor, like alcohol abuse and Smoking, are habits not conducive to a normal water-salt metabolism in the body. The elasticity of the tissues, and not just age, is lost with age, swollen eyelids, issue age, which is a well know plastic surgeons.Everything else, the common reason for swollen eyelids are some of the disease, leading to fluid retention in the body. With the elimination of the disease, can undergo swelling, but the formation of edema is completely irreversible. The most serious cause of swollen eyelids is pathology of kidneys and urinary system. While accompanied by swelling of the eyelids and bags under the eyesof mi, edema of the limbs, etc. are Not less of a problem occurs when the irregularities in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, which causes a whole string of diseases, each of which may be the cause of edema.Allergy causes swelling of various kinds, and tissues of the face are affected first. For colds, sore throat also, along with edema of the upper respiratory tract become swollen and the eyelids. Holders of sinusitis isolated swelling of the eyes along with the swollen tissues of the face.To fight swelling, but only with those forms that appear because of fatigue, bad habits. The treatment of certain diseases, such as colds, allergies, sinusitis, contribute to the normalization of appearance. Not been canceled of cosmetics, with which it is possible to camouflage and significantly improve appearance. If the home does not manage to get rid of the swelling eyes, you need to contact your doctor to exclude pathologies that contribute to fluid retention in the body.