Advice 1: How to remove puffiness under the eyes

Frantic pace of life, stress, constant stress and anxiety have impact on our health. This is especially true appearance, which suffers the most. Tired face, bad skin, puffiness above the eyes – these are just a few manifestations of the body that should already alert you and immediately take up their elimination.
How to remove puffiness under the eyes
The most important medication in the situations of rest and sleep. Without them, all your efforts will be in vain. Try to change your routine, and rest assured that soon your body will say "thank you".
If you have the evening planned an interesting event and you want faster to eliminate signs of fatigue, there are a few tips that will help you to remove, say, swelling over the eyes for a short time. One of the most urgent ways to do this, you can use regular potatoes.
There are a few similar options:

The first option.

1) peel one potato of medium size.

2) Wash and cut into slices.

3) Apply these slices to the eyes for 20 minutes.
The second option.

1) Boil some potatoes until fully cooked.

2) Make mashed potatoes and let it cool slightly.

3) Warm mashed potatoes put on the upper and lower eyelids for 20-25 minutes.
Third option.

1) Skip raw potatoes through a meat grinder

2) the resulting slurry was put in cheesecloth and carefully squeeze.

3) the resulting potato juice, rinse the eyelids
Fourth option:

1) Wipe a raw potato on a fine grater.

2) Squeeze the juice.

3) In the resulting slurry add dill or parsley.

4) apply the mixture to your eyelid.
In addition, there are many ways to take down the swelling over the eyes compresses with milk, apply to eyelids black tea bags, gauze bags filled with cottage cheese, cucumbers, sliced into circles, smearing the eyelids with a mixture of sour cream and parsley, wetting decoction of rose petals, chamomile and other equally easy ways.
To protect yourself from such troubles, you only need to follow a few simple tips: keep track of your weight (as swelling above the eyes occur most often in obese people), to drink less fluids at night and also give up Smoking and drinking alcohol.
Very often swelling over the eyes result from fluid retention in the cells of the body. Therefore, for people who have this problem, it is recommended to eat less salt and drink diuretics help to remove excess water. To diuretic foods include, for example, cranberries, juniper berries, bearberry leaves. They are all natural products, so will not bring any harm to your health.
Despite the simplicity of the preparation of compresses, all of these methods eliminate the swelling above the eyes is quite effective and for a long time. Therefore, it is sufficient to only do as needed or at your request.

Advice 2: How to remove the puffiness above the eyes

Puffiness under the eyes becomes a problem very often. Swelling can occur from fatigue or lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and liquid or poor circulation, lack of oxygen or serious illness of an organism. In the latter case you need to contact the doctor to eliminate the reason of edema. In others, you can try to compete with them on their own.
How to remove the puffiness above the eyes
Make the right lifestyle: don't stay too late at the computer and TV, don't drink a lot of fluids at night, refrain from Smoking and excess alcohol consumption, limit in the diet of sweet, salty, smoked, fatty, spicy.
Sleeping in such a position that the head was above the level of the whole body.
In the morning, apply to swollen areas cold silver spoon.
Do eye masks from potatoes – raw or in the form of puree. Keep need 20-25 minutes.
Dip in boiling water brewing black tea, quickly take out, then cool in the freezer. Then apply them for 10-15 minutes to the eyes.
Finely chop the parsley, boil 1 tablespoon of herbs 1 Cup boiling water for 15 minutes to steep, then cool and strain. Make eye lotions, keep them 15-20 minutes. To apply a poultice should every day during the month.
Wrap in 2 pieces of gauze cheese (natural, bought on the market). Attach to the eyes, keep for 10 minutes.
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