Itchy and the eyelids can swell for different reasons. In some cases, it may be a manifestation of any disease, in others – a reaction to external stimulus. In any case, the correct diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment can only a doctor.

The reasons for this phenomenon

In the age of technical progress and computer technologies the majority of people spends the majority of time on the computer, which causes eye inflammation and age – dry eye syndrome and computer eye syndrome. If the eyelids are swollen, it means that they in a large amount of fluid accumulates, and this may indicate a serious malfunction of the body – renal failure or heart disorder. Simultaneous itching and swelling of the eyelids very often go "hand in hand" with insect bites. The eyelid may swell very much, but after a few days to recover to its previous state.

Inflammation of eyelids causes, and such diseases as blepharitis. It often happens that people suffer for many years and can not find the cause. Indeed, swelling of the upper eyelids can be caused by disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine diseases, worms, allergies and others. Often blepharitis develops on the background of sinusitis, hypermetropia, tooth decay, astigmatism and other ailments. Of course, the key to successful treatment is identifying the causes of disease and compliance with all regulations doctor.


Redness and swelling of the century may cause conjunctivitis. This disease often affects children, as it is difficult to keep track of the cleanliness of their hands. This disease can be of different nature – bacterial, viral and allergic. In bacterial conjunctivitis, as a rule, both eyes are infected, of which abundantly secretes mucus. Viruses affect only one eye, causing secretions, and tearing. And that is another form of the disease pose a danger to others patient people, as can easily be transmitted during contact with him.

The cause of allergic conjunctivitis is any external irritant – pollen, fluff the poplars, mold, smell, book dust, chemical suspensions, aerosols, wool and so on. The eyelids are swollen and very itchy, causing redness. Food Allergy can also be accompanied by itching of the eyelids. Incorrectly chosen glasses or failure to follow the rules of wearing contact lenses can cause redness and itching of the eyelids.