In that case, if swelling of the eyelids has happened to you is not the first time, and constantly harass you on the path of life as one of the side "symptoms" of menstruation, you will help aromatherapy. In a tablespoon of vegetable refined oil, add a few drops of oil of rosemary, geranium, or juniper. All that apply carefully to eyelids and entire face and massage gently.
If the reason of morning swelling that evening you indulge in too many salty products, you will help a steam bath. In a bowl of boiling water boil the buds and leaves of birch and hold face over the steam for about 10 minutes – the swelling will go away.
Can help relieve swelling and washing with herbal decoctions. For such purposes, the pharmacy should buy thyme, lime, mint, or chamomile. In that case, if you face no redness or dilated blood vessels, you can make these concoctions of ice and carefully wrapped in gauze, cleanse the skin of the eyelids.
Quickly and effectively deal with the problem will help mask of green tea. For its preparation you will need iced tea and ordinary cloth. Wet cloth in liquid and apply to the skin of the eyelids for 15 minutes.
Help and a light relaxing massage. Within two minutes you need to press lightly on temples, corners of eyes and tapping around the eyes with fingertips.
To quickly remove swelling of the eyelid skin will help the potato poultice. Grate the potatoes on a grater and put the pulp on the eyelids for 15 minutes.
In that case, if the swelling is bothering you very often, buy in a drugstore a special cream. These tools increase the elasticity of the skin, increase blood circulation, and also improve the outflow of fluid.
To resolve the problem, you can go to a beauty salon. There is a special hardware procedures that really give a wonderful effect.
And, of course, as preventive measures, limit fluid intake, as well as salted and smoked foods after 18:00. Take sleep at least 8, better 10 hours a day.