The society for the protection of the rights of consumers. In violation of the clauses of the contract concluded between the consumer and the firm, the client may submit a complaint to the public body with all required documents.
CPS. Carries out control over observance of consumer rights protection. When dissatisfaction with the decision of the Society the consumer has the opportunity to contact the CPS, indicating the decisions rendered by this organization.
The Prosecutor's office. To apply this authority only makes sense if dissatisfaction with the work of two previous organizations. After the application, with the Appendix of all necessary documentation, the prosecutors go to the address of this company and conduct a full audit of the company.
Police. There are so-called company,"phony" who work to make a profit and immediately closed. In this case no one can help except the district police. Officers will conduct an investigation submitted by the applicant data on the owners of the firm and provide response the results of the investigation.
Court. If the firm continues to operate, but at a different address, the police, according to your statement to initiate a criminal case. After conducting all criminal investigations, all materials will be submitted to the court. The applicant may apply to the authority for violations of the company that continues after the inspection by Rospotrebnadzor.
Online-projects. Recently, a new method of clarifying the business relationship with the unreliable firm – the project "people's Wrath". He only recently appeared in the Internet, but it has acquired popularity. Each dissatisfied customer can leave their complaints at the project and immediately know the solution to your problem from the founders of this organization. The essence of the "people's Wrath" is to establish a dialogue between the consumer and the firm in finding and decision acceptable to both parties.