You will need
  • - statement to the labour Inspectorate or to the court;
  • - passport;
  • - a copy of the reprimand;
  • - a copy of the explanation.
If you received a written reprimand, the employer is obliged to demand a written explanation of the disciplinary or employment misconduct. In the written explanation describe in detail the cause that prompted you to commit that action. A reprimand can make even for being late for work for a few minutes. After a disciplinary sanction may follow the termination of an employment relationship at the initiative of the employer.
In order to appeal a reprimand, you do not need to give up writing explanatory, as in the manner prescribed by law this will not prevent the employer to leave you. You will not be able to present to the appropriate authorities a copy of its explanation. Before you write an explanation, ask the employer to put in writing what is required. Make an explanatory note in two copies of a blueprint or just make your explanation a copy and ask the employer to put under the document signed.
Take your time with the explanation that the employer has no right to require him to write here and now. In accordance with the law, you have two days to think all is well and logically explained without emotion that are always present, if the administrative penalty imposed unexpected.
According to article 193 TK the Russian Federation you have the right to submit a written complaint to the labour Inspectorate or to write a statement to the court. Attach all copies of: reprimand, explanation. Contact the specified court within 1 month of receipt of the sanction of reprimand (article 392 TK the Russian Federation).
According to the attached documents, testimony of witnesses and the employer, the labour Inspectorate or the court may make to take you to a disciplinary punishment in force, if the result of the case deems that the punishment was imposed without reason, and your fault in it.
If the labour Inspectorate or a court decides that a disciplinary punishment was justified, then you can be fired in accordance with article 81 of the LC RF.