What are Visa and Maestro

Visa – the international payment system, the headquarters of which is in the USA. The company offers its customers various services, such as cashless payment, bind the card to the account, etc.

Key competitor of the Corporation is MasterCard. Maestro – a type of payment service from MasterCard, in the form of debit cards.

Affinity Visa and Maestro

Analogue Maestro cards can only be considered Visa Electron. As, for example, Visa Classic has a wider functionality and is to be compared with only MasterCard Standart.

In Russia, these cards are often issued for the transfer of wages, pensions and scholarships. As a rule, they are maintenance - free for the consumer.

Total for two cards Maestro and Visa Electron cards is limited in functionality - they both allow you to pay in stores and withdraw cash from ATMs. However, to pay online at them will not work. Maps allow you to conduct transactions only in places that provide online authorization. Thus, the number of points where they can pay less compared to the standard and classic analogues.

They are similar in design - they are no ambodiriana labels (relief impress) details of the card owner. Cards also cannot be linked to the system of electronic payments (e.g. PayPal or WebMoney). Both are often issued in bearer and in fact, they are prepaid cards. According to him, establishes minimum limits on the operation.

The differences between Visa and Maestro

Visa is an international payment system, while the Maestro is just one of the types of cards from MasterCard. Between them there are also differences in prevalence in Russia. Visa Electron card - issued cards are more popular and a large number of banks.

Visa used when converting the dollar. While MasterCard, including Maestro - Euro. It should be noted that in Russia there is a widespread card Maestro Momentum, which can be used only for payment in Russia, so the question of conversion in this case is not worth it.

Sometimes Visa Electron cards it is possible to pay purchases in the Internet, this option is set by the Bank. While no Maestro security code (CVC2), which makes online purchases possible.

Another difference is that, when making purchases in the store on a Maestro you need to enter the PIN, and Visa Electron - this is not required.