The majority of Russians are plastic cards issued for the work or scholarships and pensions, thus they are deprived of the opportunity of choice card. But if you determine the best option, you need to consider a range of criteria. When choosing a Bank card should pay attention to the following characteristics: type of card (debit or credit), payment system (Visa and MasterCard), class of service and additional options.

Select the type of card: debit or credit card

Debit cards allow you to use only their own money, whereas credit - give them an opportunity to borrow money from the Bank and go into minus. Debit cards are more suitable for those who do not accept Bank credits, has a low financial discipline and are prone to spontaneous spending.
The most important selection criteria of credit cards: annual percentage rate, credit limit, and the availability of grace period during which you can make free use of the borrowed money.
The credit card is to stop your choice if you periodically feel the need in borrowed funds.

Comparing different variants of plastic cards, you should pay attention to additional benefits, including:

the possibilities for remote account management - Internet banking and mobile banking, this will allow you to perform all the operations without visiting the Bank office;

- accrual of interest on the balance or the ability to connect onlay deposits, which will not only waste, but also to earn on the map;

- the presence of cash-back - according to the maps of the purchases back to the card account; for example, a Master Card from the Bank "the Messenger" 10% charged on the balance 1% returns bonuses;

- the availability of technology 3D-Secure, which makes card payments more secure.

Also today everyone can choose a card with additional benefits based on their needs, for example, a card with discounts and bonuses for fans to travel, for motorists, for users of certain providers and so On aviatorandyk cards when paying for any goods and services to customers earn miles which can be redeemed for free airline tickets or upgrades.

The choice of payment system: Visa or MasterCard

The choice of payment system is relevant only for actively traveling Russians, and which require to pay abroad using Bank cards.
If you plan to use the card only in the territory of the Russian Federation, the difference between a Visa or MasterCard missing.

In this case it is necessary to take into account that currency payment system Visa is the dollar, and MasterCard - Euro. Thus, Visa is more profitable to pay in the U.S., MasterCard - in Europe. So, if you pay with a Visa card in Europe, it initially converts rubles into dollars and then into euros, which is quite disadvantageous.

The choice of class Bank card

Finally, it should define the class of service. There are three Bank cards: electron, classic and premium.

Electronic cards (Visa Electron and MasterCard Maestro) are distinguished by a core set of services, minimal annual maintenance (300 p. per year). These cards are suitable for those who use it for cash withdrawal and purchases in retail outlets. However, the Internet is to pay them will not work. Such cards are often issued as bearer.

Classic card (Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard) is the most common types of cards with the base set of functions. They allow you to make payments online and to pay by Bank transfer. This card often comes with a chip that allows you to use it for purchases abroad.

Premium cards Gold and a Premium tier with additional privileges, such as discount programs. Among the disadvantages of such cards - the high cost of maintenance.

For those who often makes purchases on the Internet, you can also order virtual card without any physical media.