The transfer of funds from the purse in system Yandex map Maestro. Manual

To begin the process of withdrawal of funds, the first thing the user must go to the home page of Yandex.Money.

Then you need to choose the option "Withdraw money".

A simple link to by selecting "Withdraw funds" link located directly below the balance indicator at the left of the screen next to "Add".

Then opposite to "Transfer to a Bank card" must choose "Visa or Mastercard".

After the transition to the next page (/card/cardout/about.xml), the user can find all the necessary information about the Commission. Just make sure that the card you want to transfer money, was released in one of these countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic.

Also pay attention to minimum and maximum amounts of transfers: minimum - 100, maximum - 15,000 rubles.

After navigating to the protected page of the processing center, the user will be presented with the main fields: card number and transfer amount. Worth noting: the system automatically calculates the Commission. After entering the data, click "Pay". Before sending the funds must verify the correctness of the input data.

Further, when the function is activated, an SMS confirmation, the user will be required to go through the procedure of SMS-verification - enter the number equivalent to the blocked amount on the card user to enter a code or confirmation. The amount of the blocked funds usually comes in the SMS message.

After successful payment will appear on screen all the information about the completed payment: it will remain in your payment history, but also you can save it on your local computer - in case your account is compromised, this information can be very useful.

Possible problems with the transfer of funds

Before worrying, it oznakomitsya FAQ of the service Yandex.Money. For example, the maximum transfer amount from the service on the card per month is 40,000 rubles - an attempt to bring more to anything will not lead, do not blame it on the "bug" of the system.

When performing international transfers, you must provide personal information: passport data, the actual address of residence, etc. Otherwise, perform a wire transfer will not work.

And most importantly - the time to process a withdrawal varies from one to six business days.