Not a map, and the purse

Debit card, in fact, is your electronic wallet where you can store any amount of your funds. And money are always protected – they will not disappear and will not be lost.

Debit (from the Latin. debet, which means "he must") – in this case, the amount of your own funds that are deposited to the Bank and to which you have direct access (i.e. these funds are not contributions or credit supply).

Externally, debit cards are no different from credit. The fundamental difference is that the money taken from a debit card to be spent from your personal - debit - Bank account. The balance on these cards should only be positive, and the operation of the debiting at the moment of paying by card in shop or, for example, the restaurant will only if you have enough money in the account.

However, there is a caveat, some banks offer debit (usually payroll) cards with overdraft, ie a small credit limit that you can use if to calculate not enough own funds.

Plus the use of debit cards is that the extra money will not be spent, and you will never will have to.


With this card you can:
to make quick purchases on the Internet,
- buy traveler's checks,
to pay for various goods in supermarkets,
- queue and quickly get the cash in fast service at the cash
- pay receipts and invoices for utility and other services,
- to pay in any country of the world, not exchanging currencies.

Even the salary employers can quickly transfer to the card. In addition, banks and airlines are joint projects, through which you can get discounts when you use debit cards or cashback charge a certain percentage of the amount of your purchase refunded to your account).

Types of cards

Debit cards are different — some can be used worldwide (international map), while others only in their home country (local).

Any commercial Bank must provide its customers the opportunity to choose several types of cards on their choice.

To debit card easy. Bank cards are issued to individuals under 18 years of age, on the basis of the document proving the identity.

Decide to start to use cards, whether it is for travel or for purchases. Usually for international monetary transactions choose card payment systems Visa or MasterCard. Cards that appeal only to the borders of Russia have the inscription "valid only in Russia".

Each card has a personal PIN-code, withdrawals and payments are made only after input of the unique password. In case of a sudden loss or theft of your card must be reported immediately to the Bank all its blocking and subsequent recovery.