What receiver to choose

There are 3 categories of satellite receivers, each of them designed for a specific type of user. In all categories there are the best of the best, the flagship satellite receivers. First we need to define what the purpose of the required satellite receiver, then you should think about choosing the best option. If the tuner is required to view channels without a monthly fee (FTA), the standard MPEG-2 format, the receiver from the category of "budget models" is fine. But if the user it is important that his receiver was present recording function and an Internet connection, and also that he was equipped with a HDMI interface for viewing high-definition channels (1080P), you should think about buying a receiver from the category "middle class" or "premium".

Budget receivers

Typically, such receivers set for older people, since this technique is easy to handle. View and nothing more – the main function of such receivers. With the help of special software, for budget tuners can also be viewed conventionally encrypted channels.
The main problem with the budget receivers is the need for periodical adjustment. Every year some of the channels can change their broadcast frequency.

Features of the budget receivers:

- video compression format MPEG-2;

connector for connection to TV – SCART or RCA;

cost 25-45$.

According to a large number of users, most reliable and practical receiver of this category is the model of StarTrack SR-55x.

The middle class

This class of receivers is represented by a wide range of models with functions of recording and viewing high definition channels. These receivers are equipped with HDMI interface, therefore suitable for viewing on a TV over 42 inches. Also, purchasing such a receiver, the buyer can be sure that the prematurely mentally will not become obsolete because of HDTV technology in television is just beginning to develop.
Receivers middle class equipped with a USB connector. So to set it will not be difficult. One only has to download several update files in one of the official sites of the manufacturer and pour them into the receiver with a flash drive.

Characteristics of the receivers of the middle class:

- equipped with a card slot;

- video compression format MPEG-4;

- video playback in 1080P;

- the presence of the LAN output for connection to the Internet;

cost 60-200$.

One of the best manufacturers of the receivers of the middle class are companies OPENBOX and Galaxy Innovations.


Has all receiver functions of the middle class, in addition, equipped with additional equipment and an expanded number of functions. Such a tuner can be a cable or terrestrial television. Instead of a standard LAN port, to connect to the Internet, premium receivers equipped with wireless adapter to connect to the Wi-Fi networks.


- Linux OS or Android;

record three channels simultaneously;

- possibility to install hard drive;

- advanced functions of the media player;

- built-in Web browser and YouTube;

- possibility of installation of additional plugins;

cost from$ 200.

One of the best in this category are receivers from companies OPENBOX, Dreambox and Gi Vu+ Solo 2.