You will need
  • DVD receivers.
One of the things which you should pay attention to when choosing a DVDreceiverand the availability of linear outputs. Ideal is that the head unit transmits a signal to an external amplifier via line outputs. Due to the fact that the amplifier is connected to the linear output of the DVDreceiverand the transmitted audio signal is clean without distortion and interference.
Please note that head units can have more than one line output, and some models have a built-in crossover. DVDreceiverwith a linear output is ideal for creating audio systems entry-level. The device with two linear outputs provide the ability to adjust the volume of the rear and front speaker directly from the head unit.
To create an audio system is above average choose DVDreceivers with three pairs of line outputs, i.e., such devices which provide for the possibility of connecting the subwoofer to a separate linear output.
A separate selection criterion is the convenience of use. Choosing the head unit, should pay attention to the time how easy to use controls. Pay attention to the device, the main control which encoder, that is, the multifunction controller.
Another important technical feature DVDreceivers – power. Despite the fact that at the front of most devices emblazoned inscription 4х50W (and sometimes 4х55W), the output power at a distortion of 1% not more than 17 Watts. In that case, if you plan to connect the speakers to the output amplifiers, preference should be given to the receiverwith MOSFET output stages, providing a wide dynamic range playback.
Another parameter supported format playback: DVD, CD, MP3, JPEG, MPEG4 and others.