To connect the receiver need the same as if you connected it to a home computer network another computer. It is important to know that a direct connection of the receiver to the computer is not the correct connection option.
In order to ensure the reliability and normal functioning of the satellite receiver is connected to the modem through a router or switch with Ethernet cable.
After connecting the receiver to a computer, you must make certain settings. In TV-set settings in "network settings" you can enable DHCP to obtain an "Ah-PI addresses in the network. Record this address for yourself on the Notepad, it will need to make further settings for the connection.
For communication of the computer with the receiver it is recommended to use such a program like Total Commander. Find in this program line URL and note down your IP address that you noted earlier. State your connection on your own. Click "Connect" and enter the user name. The password is not required.
General settings of your receiver will be in varkeys. The settings are saved in the file Softcam.key. Settings for cardsharing will be saved in the file newcamd.list. To change the settings of your satellite receiver you can using Total Commander. The file newcamd.the list can be edited using a text editor.
This file will also need to enter data given to you by the provider. Information issued by the provider, should be keep secret. Putting the right amount of ports you need to restart the emulator receiver.