What can cause seizures in dogs

симптомы чумы у собак
Often what can be called a convulsion, can be triggered by:
- violations of the functions of the brain;
- systemic diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems;
- pathological disturbances in the body: low sugar in the blood of the animal, hepatic insufficiency, etc.;
- poisoning.

The correct diagnosis and therefore prescribe the right treatment in these cases can only with blood, feces, urine, ECG, EEG, etc. Therefore, it is dangerous to prescribe treatment and give the dog potent drugs, which in the case of an incorrect diagnosis can only harm the animal and to further aggravate the situation.

Your actions during a seizure

как вылечить собаку от чумки
Most often the cause of seizures is epilepsy, which affects, depending on the breed, from 0.5 to 5.7% of dogs. Some breeds of disorders of the brain and related seizures occur in 15-20% individuals. In the case where such seizure you see at your dog, first of all, pull yourself together and try to accurately remember all the details, then to describe them to your veterinarian. Well, if someone would remove the seizure on video and note the time of its duration. If convulsions are repeated, keep records, where you record the date, start time and duration of the attack.
Congenital epilepsy is most often seen in dogs aged 1 to 3 years.

Make sure that the seizures has not increased the trauma put her head under the dog rolled Mat or a pillow, clean out items that can cause harm, put it in a safe place where it will not fall down. Remove dog from children and other Pets.
If you suspect epilepsy, it is not necessary to insert in dog's mouth the spoon or stick in her mouth hand to it you do not accidentally bitten. Unlike people, dogs no danger that it will be able to swallow your tongue.

Pay attention to what muscle group is cramping. When the duration of attack longer than 10 minutes, call an ambulance dental services or to take the dog to the doctor. Stay with the pet during the seizure to calm him once he wakes up. After the seizure, give the dog to drink and don't let him immediately jump up and begin to move, to climb stairs, etc. Some dogs after a bout of feeling depressed and guilty, talk with your dog calm, gentle voice.