Getting a dog, decide for yourself what purpose you did it. Whether you have it to participate in exhibitions and breeding or dog you need to be a family pet, a kind and calm friend. If you are not going to make him the pedigree of the manufacturer, make it easier.
если кобель не делает садку
As a rule, "boys", not even castrated, if not within "hearing" bitches, can easily live your whole life, never showing signs of excitement about it. He gets along great with the hosts and guests of the house and does not complain of health. But such situations are common in dogs of small breeds that live all the time in the apartment and walk in their own yard. Malesthat are not prepared in the manufacturers, it is better just "not to start". The first few years you need to control it very strictly and walking around constantly to keep him on a leash, but then at the age of four, you will be able to be calm for his health and behavior.
как примирить кобелей живущих вместе
Problems can arise even after a single, random mating and only. The behavior of the dog can change dramatically, he then for the rest of my life will be to seek new meetings with the ladies. In those times when next to him will be technaya bitch, the male dog can be given some anti-anxiety medications that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. The dosage of the drug choose in accordance with the age of the dog and recommendations of a veterinarian. But all of these drugs are hormonal action and not very useful for the health of the animal.
как называть бойцовскую собаку кабеля
There are supplements that have a calming effect, which includes herbs: motherwort, plantain, peppermint. Unfortunately, their action though gentle, but for many dogs, is very weak and the effect their use has not.
Кастрация собаки: за и против
Discuss at the family Council the question of the future of the personal life of your pet. May be it is better to apply the surest way to appease cable – just castrate him, bandaging seminal cords. In this case, the behavior of the dog changes dramatically for the better – he becomes less aggressive, starts to play with other dogs, he is not afraid of premature heart attacks and hypertensive crises.
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