Advice 1: How to calm dog

Dog owners are faced with the difference in the behavior of males and females. Basically, it affects the expression of interest to dogs of the opposite sex. Dogs react violently to the presence nearby of a QMS is, first and foremost, is manifested in disobedience and aggressive behavior. There are several ways to prevent this behavior.
How to calm dog
Getting a dog, decide for yourself what purpose you did it. Whether you have it to participate in exhibitions and breeding or dog you need to be a family pet, a kind and calm friend. If you are not going to make him the pedigree of the manufacturer, make it easier.
As a rule, "boys", not even castrated, if not within "hearing" bitches, can easily live your whole life, never showing signs of excitement about it. He gets along great with the hosts and guests of the house and does not complain of health. But such situations are common in dogs of small breeds that live all the time in the apartment and walk in their own yard. Malesthat are not prepared in the manufacturers, it is better just "not to start". The first few years you need to control it very strictly and walking around constantly to keep him on a leash, but then at the age of four, you will be able to be calm for his health and behavior.
Problems can arise even after a single, random mating and only. The behavior of the dog can change dramatically, he then for the rest of my life will be to seek new meetings with the ladies. In those times when next to him will be technaya bitch, the male dog can be given some anti-anxiety medications that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. The dosage of the drug choose in accordance with the age of the dog and recommendations of a veterinarian. But all of these drugs are hormonal action and not very useful for the health of the animal.
There are supplements that have a calming effect, which includes herbs: motherwort, plantain, peppermint. Unfortunately, their action though gentle, but for many dogs, is very weak and the effect their use has not.
Discuss at the family Council the question of the future of the personal life of your pet. May be it is better to apply the surest way to appease cable – just castrate him, bandaging seminal cords. In this case, the behavior of the dog changes dramatically for the better – he becomes less aggressive, starts to play with other dogs, he is not afraid of premature heart attacks and hypertensive crises.

Advice 2 : How to teach your dog not to bark at people

All dogs are barking. Actually, the way it should be. The dog gives voice when he hears noise outside the door if close to an outsider, when required to bring him for a walk, wants to play, from fear, from joy, from feelings of a protest, etc. Such barking can be called information. Normally, when it is limited to a few "uspehami". It is quite another thing if the dog barks often and long.
How to teach your dog not to bark at people
To minimize "Joe blow" will help the training. Going with the dog for a walk, grab a can of water and spray. When the dog barks, spray water in his face and say "Quiet." If you are at home, pour some water into a glass and, if necessary, do the same. Again, pour water and put the glass so that the dog saw him. After the barking stopped, encourage your pet with something tasty. Pour in a glass of nothing but water and try not to get the dog in the eye. Do it all the time. Soon enough your dog will learn to behave properly. It is important that the result is achieved without the use of any force.
With constant and annoying barking in the street to try to cope by teaching the dog to bark on command. This is not difficult. Give the command "Voice" and force the dog to bark, showing, but not giving him a piece of food or a toy. Barked, praise, give treat. After the team of "the Voice" is mastered, make it silent at the command "Quiet". Take your dog on a leash. Signal "the Voice." At the right moment, say "Quiet" and make it so that the dog could no longer bark, for example, just holding her mouth with a hand. Praise, encourage treat.
Many rightly annoyed if the dog is barking came home a guest. For training you will need assistants. The dog should not know them. Pre-agreed with them about the time of their coming. Shortly before put on the dog parfos with a long cord. After the door knock or call, let the dog bark a little. Then give the command "come" and pull the cord on the parfos. Say "Sit". Let the little dog sit. Go with him to the door and again seat. Don't let him bark. Open the door and admit the visitor. Do not allow the dog to jump on guests and barking. Together with the visitor go into the room. Place the dog. After a few minutes of release.

Advice 3 : Why not a barking dog

Dogs communicate with the outside world, including, and with the help of barking. They can Express almost all the range of feelings – from anger and aggression to limitless happiness at the sight of the returning master. Some people even give birth to little dogs as "call", signaling the advent of the house and around strangers. If the dog is silent, it is considered abnormal.
Why not a barking dog

Among dogs there are undecideds

There are breeds of dogs not to bark is located. For example, a hunting dog, the African Basenji. These dogs are all unique – they not only bark, they even form legs different from other dogs - the two Central pads of the fingers have a Basenji, spliced at the base, like jackals. In addition to this breed, very rarely break on Lai English sheepdogs and greyhounds, and by sharpey's not often you hear a sound like it. If you got a puppy of an unknown breed, check out these whether it is the silent ones.
Breed-silent is not silent. Their emotions they can Express, growling, yelps, growls, and even howling.

The reason for the silence may be illness or stress

If the puppy in your home recently and constantly silent, perhaps he is still frightened by the change of scenery and is under stress from separation from mother. Watch him, if he constantly hides and moves, lowering the tail between the hind legs, he's just afraid or he's stressed.

The lack of barking may become a disease of the throat and respiratory tract and vocal cords. When the puppy is sick, he just physically can't bark. You can call the vet and consult with him, if necessary, the dog will need to see a doctor. But before that, let's see how he eats, how he swallows food – you can't see any signs of pain.

Barking can be taught

If all these reasons for the silence of the dog is excluded, you'll have to teach him to bark. Try to arouse such emotions are accompanied by all the dogs barking, for example, hyped up his game, make him attracted to her. When he starts to potentiate, encourage a delicacy, and should speak and command: "Voice", strengthening the reflex.
Teach your dog to not only work on the command "Voice", but silenced on command, especially if you live in a house where the staircases can be noisy.

In the case when the dog is able to bark, but does not use this skill during the invasion of your territory by outsiders, it will have to give training to dog training school with experienced instructors. This must be done carefully, if you want to use this dog as a guard. But if this skill you are not very important, maybe you should just wait a bit, when the puppy grows up and will start to position itself as your protector. When a dog has lost typical puppy obedience and flattery, and she will begin to bark at strangers.
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