You will need
  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby oil
  • Water
  • Wet wipes
  • Towel dry
During the first month the girl protect maternal hormones that support in her vagina an acidic environment. After that, a protective barrier disappears as the hormones are no longer in effect, and bacteria can easily penetrate into the vagina. The cleaning is not just cleanliness. This prevention of diseases. To wash away the newborn girl you need every time you change diaper, bathing, swaddling. Mom's nails should be trimmed short and hands washed with soap and water.
Undress the baby, remove the diaper. If there is stool, remove them with a damp cloth from front to back and then wash away. To direct the jet on the skin can not. This can cause leaking of stool into the vagina. Put the girl on one hand and the brush grasp the legs with your other hand, take a cotton tampon, moistened in water, wipe carefully first folds between legs, every movement take a new swab. Inside the genital slit in any case, do not RUB, swipe the swab once on top. All movement should be from front to back. After cleaning the skin of the baby need to wet, but not dry.
To treat sex lips girls should be very delicately. If the mucous will be regularly annoyed, perhaps a fusion of the jaws. It's not very scary, just in the future can deliver some inconvenience. It is impossible to prevent over-drying soap. Use it not more than 1 time a week. All the while, tempted only by water. After the procedure, lubricate the labia cream or baby oil.