Close Google Chrome by clicking on the close icon of the window. Then reopen it with a blank tab. In the main menu select "Settings control Google Chrome". In the window that opens displays a list of commands. Check the following: "Clear browsing history, Clear download history", "Clear cache". Click "Clear browsing data".
Use another method to clean the Google Chrome browser. On the main page in the upper right corner look for the icon in the form of a wrench click on it. In the opened page, select "Settings", then select "Advanced". Click on the "Delete browsing data". A window should open "Clear browsing data". Select the paragraphs that you want to delete. Confirm the command by pressing "OK".
For Mozilla Firefox there is another way of clearing the cache. Sequentially press Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Open menu "Tools" scroll to "Delete recent history". Select the tab "Clear" and "All". Check the box next to "Cache" and click Clear now. Or go to "Privacy", which will select the line "Personal data". Next to it press "Clear now".
To refresh the cache of the browser Opera, press Ctrl+F12. In the opened window go to "Tools", then "Settings" on the left pane, open the tab "History" and "Advanced". Look for "Disk cache" and click on the "Clear" button. To confirm click "OK".
Open the Internet Explorer. In the work pane, find the section "Service". Here, select the "Internet options". In the opened window, locate the tab called "General", then open the "browsing History", click "Delete". A window will appear "Remove history". Select "Remove temporary files and saved passwords". In the next window, confirm the specified command by pressing "Yes".