To limit the upload speed start torrent. Select all the downloads that are in the working area of the program, and then click the right mouse button. Limit the speed to return to one kilobit per second. The torrent clients was conceived so that the returns could not be stopped completely, however, there is a possibility of reducing the speed of impact to an absolute minimum. This method is the most preferable, when you load and unload the file.
If you have already downloaded the file and are on hand, you can also minimize the boot priority and impact for the selected files using the same method as in the previous step. Also minimize the priority of use of the program network connection in principle. In this case, the return will not interfere with the use of the Internet. However, in this mode, you also cannot download files with great speed, so it makes sense to use this method only in the absence of active downloads.
You can also block access to the network program you use for downloading torrent files. Open the settings of your firewall, and then block access to the network for your torrent client. Keep in mind that in this case you will not be able skachivat the files until you disable this lock.
To stop the distribution of you need to either disable the application or to disconnect from the network. Complete the application by clicking on the "Exit" button or on the program icon in the system tray, right-click and select menu "Exit". Check disabling the application using the task Manager in the processes tab. To disconnect from a network, you must either break the current connection or to deactivate the device, which is the Internet router or modem.