You will need
  • mail - client or browser;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - access to your mailbox.
To find the folder for spam, go to the section with the appropriate name in the site menu of your mail server or client you use for email. If you are not logged in, enter the details of username and password to enter the menu of your mailbox, then navigate to the message list. Most likely, this menu will be several items: Inbox, Outbox, questionable/spam, drafts and trash. Refer to the appropriate item and arrange the correspondence in a folder according to the available menu filters to more quickly search for the desired letters among them.
If you need to find the folder spam in your email client do the same: log in and navigate to the list of questionable letters, then organize them for faster search. Please note that not all mail clients have this menu item if your program is not provided, use the instructions written in the previous paragraph.
Also note that the spam may be filtered first to the mail server, after which it falls into the filter of client you use, where it comes to you already as per your own specifications, so it is best to check the folder for spam on the mail server.
If you want to view spam messages in a social network "Vkontakte", login to its website and go to menu messaging Inbox. Switch from dialog mode to normal, then open a list called "Spam". There will be messages that you have marked or automatically identified as such by the security system of the social network.
If you want to clear the folder for spam, go to the messages menu in it and select all the messages on the page with a tick mark. Select "Delete messages", then all spam will be deleted.