The development of computer technology was in two ways. The first is the creation of heavy — duty computing systems for science, defense and space exploration. And the second path of development, which led to the emergence of tablets — miniaturization technology. The tablet was so popular gadget that nearly all the laptop manufacturers developed and released their own models of these interesting devices.

What is tablet and what is its advantages

The tablet is a personal computer having low weight, small size, and devoid of such usual means of input, like mouse and keyboard. All interaction with the device happens through a touch-screen display, that is with your fingers. To many, this method at first seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable, so already after the first acquaintance with the tablet try to give to friends or just throw on the farthest shelf of the bookcase.

In fact, the tablet PC provides the user so bright and remarkable improvements that are accustomed to its peculiarities, man is not himself without his everyday life. Here are just some of the advantages of the tablet over the traditional laptop:

portability — small size and light weight allow you to take the tablet with you anywhere, and low power consumption and long life batteries provide long-lasting Autonomous operation without recharging;
a rich set of applications available to (including) free download, allows you to use the gadget both for fun and for work;
stability and "unsinkable" — the tablet on the platform Android or iOS usually "catches" viruses because they, at least, is still little known for these platforms;
flexibility and compatibility — the tablet can watch the same movies, view photos and listen to the same music as on the computer, but in a very mobile mode.

How to use the tablet with properly

The first thing that comes to mind owners just bought a new gadget to use it for entertainment, especially because the preset programs is definitely a simple but fun and colorful games. Listen to your favorite music and watch movies by copying them first to the SD card or if characteristics of the device allow, in its inner memory. Many devices allow you to connect a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Of great importance for the modern man the possibility of safe and convenient web surfing, and the opportunity provided by any tablet. Only you need to keep in mind that some models can connect to the Internet only via Wi-Fi network. But if you buy an ordinary mobile router, Wi-Fi itself can be "giving away" yourself.

But the most interesting use of the tablet for work. The ability to connect to cloud services, full synchronization with your own home or office computer, the joint work of several users on the same document with immediate synchronization of all changes in the cloud make the tablet computer is indispensable for fans of the mobile lifestyle and business people who often long to be out of the office.

And yet we are forced to say that the tablet is only good and an excellent addition to the desktop or laptop, but decidedly not suited to the role of the primary device.