You will need
  • cable for the connection.
Make sure that your phone model is possible to connect a USB drive. Read about it in the instructions to your mobile device or on the official website of the manufacturer, perform an advanced search on marking. Please note that this connection type is only available for phones that are connected with mini-USB interface, in all other cases, this action is not available.
Purchase a special cable to connect the USB drive via the mini-USB port. Are quite rare in the market. You can find them in retail outlets, computer periphery, the points of sale of radio engineering and so on. Also review the range of shops cell phones.
You can also order this adapter in special online stores, but make sure that the cable is accurately provided to connect USB flash drive and not connecting the phone to the computer.
If you have certain skills, redo the USB cable so that one end was the entrance to the flash cards, and other mini-USB. Please note that if you are not familiar with this process and do not have in stock several of these cables, it is best not to take on this task yourself. Here, you'll need a special cable extension cable to connect the drive to the computer port and mini-USB connector for connection to the phone.
Connect the cable to the phone and flash the map. Go to gallery of your mobile device or open file Manager then the data in the drive will be available for use. Please note that some flash cards can not be supported by the phone, basically, it refers to the chipset which was produced before 2009. Also a possible incompatibility of file systems and size of the drive.