Before you connect the tablet to the laptop, you first need to enable one option in the settings of the tablet. To do this, go to "Settings" device, find the line "For developers" and put a tick near the item "USB Debugging". This will include the option to have the tablet used as external storage (for example, to copy files from laptop to tablet or Vice versa). After that you can connect your device to the laptop.

Connection via USB

So, in order to connect the device via USB, you need to connect the cord into the corresponding USB connectors on the tablet and laptop. After that, the laptop will display a message that it found new hardware and prompted to find and install a driver for it. But all actions must be run only on the tablet, so you have to press the "Cancel" button.

Then, on the tablet at the bottom right of the screen, click USB connection and choose "USB connected". In the new window, choose "Turn on USB storage". The device will issue a warning that some applications are unable to complete their work, then you need to click "OK".

Now the memory of the tablet, including external, will be available as an external drive. From this point you can perform any actions with files and folders on the tablet to delete, copy, edit, etc.

To disable a tablet, you need again to click on the USB icon in the lower right corner and select "turn Off USB storage". Then on the laptop you must select "safely remove hardware and eject media" (in the tray) and disable this device. Windows will report that the device may be removed, after that you can disconnect the power cord from the tablet.

Connect via Wi-Fi

Way to connect the tablet to the laptop via Wi-Fi more complicated than using a USB cord. To connect the tablet to a laptop, you have to download a special app such as WiFi Transfer. A need for a laptop any FTP client such as Total Commander.

So, first you need to run the app on a tablet. In the window that appears will contain the FTP address and WLAN Status – this information must be entered on the laptop.

Then open Total Commander on laptop, choose panel menu "Network" – "Connect with the FTP server." In the new window click "Add". Then in the field "connection Name", enter a random network name and the string "Server [port]" – FTP address that was displayed on the tablet. After clicking "OK" in the appeared window in the field "user Name" enter WLAN Status, which is also indicated on the tablet. The password is optional. After some time the laptop connects to the tablet and Total Commander will display all the contents of the tablet.