To get a aquarium-moluccanum, populated by snails, you do not need a lot of money and effort. Because the snails eat almost everything, not take up much space, does not cause allergies, long-lived, and rarely get sick. Moreover, with the snail don't need to walk, this animal does not bite and scratch, but if you are planning to go on vacation or on a business trip, a snail you can safely leave alone for a long period of time. However, if desired it is even possible to take with you.

как ухаживать за аквариумной улиткой физа

  1. A house for snails can be made of any glass or plastic vessel, the amount of which shall exceed five gallons. Do not place the snail in a close vessel. On top of the house for a snail, you should close the lid to your pet is not out. In the roof is necessary to make small vent holes that are necessary for free circulation of air.

  2. The quality of the soil for snail suitable zemlesmes with lots of sand, however, you can use coconut substrate or ordinary moss. A layer of soil in the house should be such that the volute, if necessary, could fully dig into it. At the bottom of the house under a layer of soil should be put a layer of expanded clay: this precaution is necessary to avoid waterlogging of the soil.

  3. To snail led an active lifestyle, pollyscale necessary to maintain a constant comfortable level of humidity and temperature. Comfortable temperature for snails ranges twenty – three and twenty seven degrees. The humidity in pollyscale needs to be consistently high, so the wall of the vessel, which has a snail, several times a day to spray from a spray. Dry air is often the reason that the snail loses its activity and becomes dormant. Don't forget to put in molluschi small. Flat bowl of water in which the snail will bathe and drink. The water in the bowl should be changed in process of pollution.

  4. If you want to learn how to care for snails, try to make their own diet of shellfish. Snails eat fruits, cereals, vegetables, some green plants, fish food and egg white. To a snail shell quickly grew and remained strong, it needs mineral supplements – chalk, crushed eggshells, tablets of calcium glycerophosphate.

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