You will need
  • aquarium, spray bottle, soil, and food for snails
For snails you will need an aquarium or molluscum. Aquarium size should correlate with the size of the snails, because they can be big and small. On the bottom you want to pour sand or earth. In the aquarium you need to constantly maintain humidity.
как содержать аквариумную улитку
About 3 times a week should be fed snails. They eat almost anything – fruits, vegetables, lettuce and cabbage, herbs, cucumbers. Many snails have their favorite product, besides which don't want to eat anything. Some snails love to eat the newspaper. For unexplained reasons they are addicted to printer's ink, but this snail can be poisoned and die.
как правильно кормить древесных улиток
Every 2 weeks you need to clean the aquarium about once a month to change in this land. In summer, snails can walk on the grass, most importantly, to make sure that they were not biting ants.
кормление аквариумных улиток
Snails – hermaphrodites. Therefore, if the aquarium will be quite warm and humid, soon snail will lay many eggs from which would hatch into baby snails.
как развести виноградных улиток
If some time do not feed and not water snail or place the aquarium in a cool place snail in a coma. They decrease in size, become more than 2 times easier due to the fact that the body goes liquid. This is useful if you are going on vacation: just put the snail in a cool place and off the road. Wake up pet easy - you pour it in, put in a warm place and give food.
раз ведение улиток в аквариуме
Snails need calcium since it is consumed in the construction of the shell. In pet stores you can buy calcium wedges intended for birds, for example parrots. For snails this calcium is also quite suitable. One beam clam will eat for about three months.
Snails need water. Spray spattered the walls of the aquarium itself and the snail, she will crawl and soak up the water. To water the snails can at least every day depending on humidity.