The vast majority of land snails, including Achatina are hermaphroditic. This does not mean that for Paulthe teachings of the offspring you won't need another one, just these snails are both male and female gendermarketing agencies. During copulation, two snails become the "face" to each other. Thus, female gendernew organs in a single individual are opposite of the male genderoriented bodies another, and in this moment there is the transfer of genetic material. If you keep a few snails, but the offspring they have not had, calculate the age of your Pets. Usually larger snails take on the female lead, while the young take on the role of males. So, if you want Paulto teach the laying of eggs, run in the terrarium young snail, and you soon all genderstudies.
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Ampulyarii is one of the few separatelyPaul's snails. Which, however, still able to change gender. Ampulyarii of the genus Pila before that hibernate, and at the genus Pomacea, this can happen at any time and without prior training.
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Of course, to determine gender ampulyarii the most reliable possible, and open it. It is unlikely you want this way, so there are some simple techniques that can make any Amateur of snails.
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Take your snail out of the water and measure their mouth. Males ampulyarii the mouth is more round, the females, in turn, stretched. By comparing several individuals, you can easily understand who is who.
You can also wait until the snails open the cover shells, and carefully consider them. Right on top of the mantle in males to be visible to the sheath of the penis. The comparative analysis of this difference between males and females is easy to see.
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If you have a planted aquarium snail species Melania, you need not determine her gender. They are able to breed parthenogenetically, that is, they do not need a partner for mating. And soon from one individuals you Paulteach a brood of snails.