Check whether a well-lighted aquarium. And adult guppies and the fry need as much light as possible. In the first days of life fish the lights in the aquarium off the clock.
Purchase, gather or grow in the home live food for the fry in advance. Do not feed them dry food. First, it is difficult to immediately determine the amount, and second, the excess forage can form on the surface of the water film, and third, this food is still too rough for them. For dry food, they can be converted when they get a little older.
During the 1st week of life to feed the fry should be 4-5 times a day, on the 2nd and 3-4. Up to 1,5-2 months the fry should be fed at least three times a day. If you are difficult to carry out almost all the time at home, try to set up an automatic feeder, but remember to remove the remnants and to ensure that feed was enough for everyone will own you.
Best fry feed "dust" (rotifers, all nauplii and Cyclops) or microcephaly, grown on pureed carrots. Finely crushed bloodworms, Tubifex or nematode fry can be fed not earlier than the 2nd week of life, only a very short time and in extreme cases.
Instead of live feeds of hopesick you can nurse pounded almost to dust the egg yolk (or scrambled eggs), yogurt, grated on a fine grater cheese. But using them is only as foods. Please note: from egg yolk, the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy, it is better to give the fish any other bait.
Pour the yogurt with boiling water, wait until curdle the protein, and catch it with a butterfly net. Lower net protein into the aquarium and gently shake until it forms a cloud of small particles of food. Cheese (or milk) is poured in the aquarium as well as any other food.