First date with a girl

Many are probably familiar with the situation when during Dating, there are many relatives of conversation topics, mutual sympathy, however, after all this activity never occurs. And in this case sometimes there is a logical question: "When you will finally be able to touch it? How, and most importantly - when to kiss?" Kiss during the first date plays an important role. And if the moment never happened, you have to say goodbye until next time. And if subsequent visits will be held in the same spirit, your girl may decide that next to her is a withdrawn and shy man, and the relationship will end, and before reaching the vicinity.

What do the men to quickly call the girl arousal?

It has been proved that for women sex is just as important as for men. The biggest obstacle that does not allow the ladies to admit their desires – the opinions of others about their availability.

Women prefer men who are confident in themselves, and even more - arrogant and pushy. They don't need to ask his companion's permission to hug or kiss.
Most importantly, it passed sweetly and confidently.

Once relations have become more trusting and warm, you can proceed with the action. And to make it easier with words, tender touches and kisses.

Turn-ons woman with a delicate touch. This should be done very delicately and sweetly. In this case it is necessary to focus on the reaction of your lady. If after the man embraces his partner's waist, or puts his hand on her leg, she moves away, it can only mean one thing – it's too soon for intimacy. Touching must be accompanied by a communication and compliments.

In addition, you can turn a girl on by talking about sex. In this respect, the tightness completely out of place. Women are very welcome even a topic of conversation. And those men who don't talk about it with his chosen, lose a lot. For example, it is possible to share impressions about the first sexual experience of any curiosities, their own preferences.
However, to discuss such an intimate subject can not on the first and second date, and only then, when the relationship is already strong enough.

Excite the girl kisses. The first kiss must be gentle and natural. It is a symbol of the continuation of mutual communication. It is not necessary to ask permission for a kiss, but just do it. The initiative must come from men, then it will enjoy both. Leans over to her ear and gently blow into it. Some ladies such action is just crazy.

Following these simple tips, you can impress a woman, to achieve closer communication with her and move to a new level in the relationship.