Move to sex gradually. Preferably the preliminary joint use of alcohol, even weak. In reasonable doses it helps the girl to be liberated and rather to obtain the maximum pleasure from sexual contact.
Start foreplay with kisses. In the sequence of lip–neck–earlobe. You can move as a point with kisses and just hold in the direction of the language. These zones are the girls most sensitive to kissing that will help you rather to prepare it for further caresses. These weasels should take no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, your lady may be bored with the long wait for the continuation.
Then go to the strip. Try, if possible, remove clothing consistently. Removing something that was put on it above the belt, take the time to remove the rest. Continue to caress her through the clothing, stroking, and at the same time kissing her Breasts, belly, play with the nipples.
Every woman has their own erogenous zones. Someone is easily excited by the slightest touch of your hips, someone instantly make kissing nipples or neck. However, each of them has a number of erogenous zones, "tied" to certain parts of the body. Aware of these needs every man to your sexual intercourse deliver the maximum pleasure not only to you but to your girl. Influencing them in a certain way, you can quickly configure companion the right mood.
Thigh (inner side) is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones from any of the fair sex. Slowly stroking these places and caressing them with light touches, you will lead a girl to a state of strong sexual arousal.
Lips. Passionate, proper kiss will make you desirable to any woman. There are girls for whom passionate kiss correct and even preferable to sex itself.
Chest. Not every girl start fondling her Breasts. But for skilled men, doing everything gently and correctly, this is not a problem. His skill and desire to give pleasure to a lady, will not leave indifferent neither one of them. Affection hands, light biting the chest or the imitation thereof, as well as a gentle touch will help the right mood and anticipation of sexual activity.
Neck neck kissing excite virtually any woman. Especially when you kiss her back.
There are the buttocks, the clitoris and the so-called "point G" what not to forget during foreplay. Massage, press and Pat the body of your partner and listen to her responses. Try to find each girl's individual approach, trying different options and observing her reaction.