Create a cozy intimate atmosphere, let no one bothers you. Dim the lights, light the candles, turn quiet melodious music, the girl whispering in your ear compliments, not forgetting to kiss her delicate neck – most women it's a turn-on.
Find out in the course of the conversation on personal preferences of girls, what turns her on in men: stubble or a light smell of alcohol, perhaps tight-fitting clothes or something. Try to play on this weakness.
Note of men's perfumes. Use feramonami Cologne for men is a special means to increase the excitation women.
Go to sleep in the marital bed completely naked. Statistics show that it excites 70% of women. You can wear tight swimming trunks, but this figure is much lower than -50%, but boxers are able to inflame only 11% of women.
Touch all important sexy areas of a woman's body during foreplay to awaken in her the desire to have sex. The main erogenous zones are nipples, genitals and clitoris. Try to make the woman kunilingus, most of them such action is very exciting.
Watch beautiful erotic movie, some scenes may greatly excite her. Can repeat the items seen together.
Take into account the fact that women are the most excitable to the middle of the cycle, i.e. during ovulation. If this information is not a secret for you, use it to your benefit.
Use the heated emotions of the girl. You can give her a little jealous (cute smile charming foyer) or to incur the wrath of something else, looking at the situation. As soon as the quarrel reaches its climax, a moment. Strongly expand the situation, taking it into their own hands. Passion, kisses, the rapid release from clothing, cuddling with a splash of positive emotions will turn formed in the heat of the dispute the energy in a flurry of hormones.