The first way of awakening the desires of a woman lies in the erotic massage. If you are alone with your partner, you are surrounded by a pleasant romantic atmosphere, offer your sweetheart a relaxing massage. Start with a light rubbing of the back, neck, arms and legs. Then you can ask the lady to lie on your back and continue stroking belly, thighs and Breasts. Remember. that first touch must be light, and then you can gradually strengthen them. After relaxing movements, you can go to tantric sex, which is the same as massage, but it is carried out with the exposed surface of the body of the partner. Such actions can arouse the most intimate fantasy of your woman. Don't be afraid to use your nails or SIP the girl's hair. Easy rude is also able to awaken a desire.
Don't forget about that. what the fairer sex are susceptible to words of endearment and compliments. Go back for the other half, slide the tip of my tongue on her neck, lightly biting the lobe of her ear and a low seductive voice whisper about how exciting it is for you and how much you would like to do with her passionate sex. Don't hesitate to say too explicit things. Yes, girls, they can be confusing, but the sense of arousal will not decrease.
Do not hesitate to tell the woman about their fantasies and sexual desires. You don't have to blush at the sight of naked ladies or at the thought that soon you will all be physical intimacy. Girls love strong and liberated men. You can share with your sweetheart before bedtime their plans for an intimate game, for example, tell her: "you Know, what I want most? I just wish you did this..." or "I want to do with you...". Frank conversations on these topics can not only cause a mad desire intimacy, but also to make the partner relationship more trusting.
For women is important not only intercourse, but also foreplay. Do not skimp on the tenderness. Boldly caress her erogenous zones and watch carefully how it responds to your touch the body of the fairer sex. You can try to use during sex for additional accessories, such as ties or handcuffs. Some women, excites a feeling of helplessness.