Financial assistance may be provided by the state. People who desperately need this type payment, you must obtain a certificate of family composition. After getting help, make copies of your passport. Attach the documents confirming a difficult financial situation (divorce decree, child support, disability, etc.). If there is a need for treatment, include in the documents a list of prescription medications and procedures, and specify their cost. Take the statement of employment on wages and attach copy of passbook, if available. Contact the Department of social protection, which may have authority for the payment of financial assistance. The staff will answer all of your questions and will help to collect documents. Financial assistance from the state is paid at a time and not more often than once a year.
The employer also may provide financial assistance only when the employee is officially registered and has the appropriate record in the workbook. Refer directly to the authorities and explain the current situation and the cause of the situation. Collect a package of documents which will confirm difficult financial situation (the documents from the hospital, police or fire service). If we are talking about a child, the documents must include inquiries about the health of the child, non-payment of alimony or disability. In each case the documents will be different. Please contact the accounting Department for an explanation and list of required documents. When ready, provide a paper manual, so as to consider and decide only the Director.
Students also have the right to receive material assistance. This scholarship is paid on a monthly basis, but you must provide proof that the help is really needed. It can expect students raised in single-parent families, orphans, children from large families or when one or both parents retired. Collect a package of documents, which will include the income of all family members, medical records (if you need any treatment), a list of medicines and their cost. Write the application addressed to the rector and submit the full package of documents to the Secretariat. Pre-open a Bank account, order your plastic card, which will be transferred to help.