You will need
  • - application form;
  • - details of the company;
  • confirming the incident, the family circumstance document;
  • - the passport.
Statement on financial aid written on a special designed company letterhead. If the latter is missing, write it in any form. Specify the header of the document the full name of the organization, which fits in line with the title, spelled out in the Charter, other constituent document. Enter the surname, initials of the person who registered as an individual entrepreneur, if the enterprise has the corresponding BPA.
Address the application to the Director of the company, that is, write the surname, name, patronymic of the latter in the dative case. Enter your personal data in accordance with a passport, other identity document. Specify your position at which you perform your duties.
In the middle in small letters write the name of the document. In the informative part of the document list request for financial assistance. Specify family circumstance (wedding, death of a relative, birth of a child), for which you require financial support.
Write your title, surname, initials. Put your signature, the date of the document. Enter the name of the confirming document, which attach to the statement.
The application for financial assistance attached, for example, certificate of marriage, birth of child, death of a relative. In the content of the statements write the degree of relationship, if there is the latest circumstance. If you are applying for financial assistance in connection with the death, it is only the case if the close relative. To close relatives are parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren.
After reviewing your application the Director issued an order. The document prescribes the amount of the material contribution. It is a lump-sum payment, that is your earnings when calculating benefits is not included.