Contact the local office of the Department of social protection of the population. To obtain the financial assistance you will need to provide justification. Namely, the reference wage of all your family members, a certificate of family composition of housing Department, proof of your plight, for example, a medical report and a list of essential drugs. You also need to bring in social protection a copy of the passport pages with photo and registration and a copy of the passbook will be transferred to financial assistance.
In some organizations and enterprises of financial assistance is allocated to employees in difficult life situation. In order to obtain the money you will need to write the application addressed to the Director with a description of your problem and attach documentary evidence in the form of notes, cheques, certificates from the police or fire service and so on.
Check with your local office of the Pension Fund of Russia, if you're supposed single targeted social assistance from the state. As a rule, such assistance is allocated annually to non-working pensioners in families where the average income is below the subsistence level. If you fit all the requirements, prepare a list of documents confirming your difficult life situation.