Peace of autumn

In October in Yevpatoriya there comes the autumn, the daytime temperature is around +18-19 ° Celsius. This is probably the most pleasant weather for walking and sightseeing. However, to make predictions about local places is very difficult, since the end of August the weather becomes unpredictable so that the specialists of the centre the Fobos dubbed the movement of fronts in the period August-November "anomalous" or "radical".

The temperature of the waters of the Black sea in October Evpatoria will not allow for a swim – the temperature will show only 16оС. The swimming season is closed, such water can easily get hypothermia.
In addition, the shore a wave is born, it is not large, so for an active holiday on the water, like surfing, is not suitable to swim does not allow.

Rainfall in October is not large, but of course the humidity is much higher than in September. In the month of about 5-6 gloomy days when the sky is densely piled clouds. In those days, the promenade, going to artists who paint pictures of rainy autumn sea.

Pleasant despair

In Evpatoria in October, people of creative professions, people who are tired of office routine, probably because it was October, after all beach seasons are closed, the number of tourists decreases with each passing day. So nice to surrender to the stillness and experience inner peace.

Evpatoria is perfect for lovers of health tourism, as it is such sanatoria, as "Victory", "Drummer", "seaside", "Dnepr" and many others. In them you will be able to receive comprehensive treatment, and to undergo procedures to maintain health. The most common are aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, massages and physiotherapy, and laser therapy.

It is worth noting that the prices for the tours and prices at hotels and sanatoriums in October, reaches its minimum, so you will be able to save in this period autumn.

If we talk about entertainment in autumn the resort, you can celebrate the festival called "Fish day" which is annually held on the square of the Sailors. The celebration includes fair, competitions, folk festivals and performances.

In the old part of Evpatoria is an interesting monument of 1987, the so-called "Turkish bath". Unfortunately, the monument is now closed and is in a ruined condition, but you will be able to admire at least for the rest piece of history. For the organization of cultural and leisure activities are offered the choice of any of the 9 theatres and various museums of Yalta.