To get a lot of positive emotions and cheerfulness for the coming year, it is not necessary to leave the country and take a vacation certainly in the summer.

Southern regions

While in Central Russia in October the rainy season begins and it's cold in the South of the country continues gently shining sun. So in October it's not too late to visit the black sea coast. Resorts such as Adler, Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik and many other welcome guests until the end of October.

Do not forget about the Crimea. In Saki season lasts the treatment of hot mud and brine. And in Yalta or Yalta, even if you cannot swim in the sea, breathe the sea air and experience the sun and air baths are also very useful.

Center Of Russia

Many of those who go on vacation in October, prefer the recreation and make a choice in favor of one of the many domestic boarding houses or sanatoria.

Especially high demand health centers and dispensaries in the suburbs. In October in Moscow region is usually wonderful weather, but because of the best option for a family holiday, probably not find. In addition to the passage of certain health treatments, anyone can go in and get them interested in excursions, hire of sports equipment and take part in various activities. In sanatoriums and boarding houses in October, you can not just relax and enjoy the beauty of Golden autumn, but a good save.

North latitude

A beautiful place in the autumn period is Karelia. Despite the fact that this region is in the territory of Russia, without any exaggeration can be called a true exotic. This is just the perfect place for hunting, fishing and tourism. However, the most common form of recreation in Karelia is the white water rafting (rafting). Despite the danger, this kind of activity attracts many tourists from all over the country.

If active rest is not suitable, you can just buy a guided tour to Saint Petersburg. In this amazing city every street and every building deserve particularly close attention. Kazan Cathedral, Savior on spilled Blood, Nevsky prospect, the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral – all these sights in the fall of gloomy Russian look especially monumental and majestic.

In General, wherever you went in October on vacation in Russia, it is unlikely to be disappointed. Russia is an amazing country, beautiful regardless of what time of the year for the window.